Exploring Possession: Alaska's Russian American colonial history

Russian Possession Plaque

Russian Possession Plaque

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This set of five lesson plans and traveling trunk will help students gain a deeper understanding of Russian colonization in Alaska compared to other regions of North America. To learn more about this educational material, or to borrow the trunk contact the park's Education Specialist (907) 747-0134.

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Contact the Education Specialist for more information (907) 747-0134.


American Indian History and Culture, History, Language Arts, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
Nat'l Soc Studies Standards: G.K-12.1, G.k-12.2, G.K-12.4, G.k-12.5, G.k-12.6
Nat'l Am History Standards: USH.5-12.2
Nat'l Lang Arts Standards: ENG-12.1, ENG.K-12.2, ENG-K-12.3, ENG.K-12.4., ENG.K-12.5, ENG.K-12.6, ENG.K-12.7, ENG.K-12.8, ENG.K-12.9
Russia, history, Native American history, Russian American History, colonization