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Cultural History Programs

Traditional Cooking with a Bentwood Box

Grade Level: 2-12

Season: Year-round

At home tonight, when you turn on your stove or use your microwave to cook dinner, it's easy to forget how convenient our modern world is. Historically cooking in southeast Alaska was much different. Learn about the traditional techniques of cooking with a bentwood box, and how bentwood boxes are constructed.

Traditional Fire-Starting

Grade Level: 2-12

Season: Year-round

If you didn't have access to matches or a lighter, could you start a fire? Traditionally the Tlingit people used the natural resources around them to create fire, cook their food and stay warm. Visit the park to try your hand at these fire-starting techniques.

Animal Identification in Formline Art

Grade Level: Pre-4


Have you ever walked through Sitka National Historical Park and wondered what a certain figure carved into one of the park's totem poles is? Could that be a bear or a wolf? Is that figure a raven or an eagle? Learn to identify these formline characters and gain a greater understanding of the meanings behind these figures by bringing your students to the park to stand in the shadows of these towering totems.

The Russian Bishop's House Tour

Grade Level: K-12

Season: Year-round

Travel back in time by taking a tour of the historic 1843 Russian Bishop's House. While visiting the house, students will learn about the rich history of the Russian exploration and colonization of Alaska, the cultural interactions between the Native Tlingit and Russian settlers, and how the Russian Orthodox Church had a large impact on the city and people of Sitka.

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