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    National Historical Park Alaska

Be A Junior Ranger

Kids of all ages can earn a Sitka National Historical Junior Ranger Badge.
Sitka Junior Ranger Program
Sitka National Historical Park welcomes kids of all ages to learn more about their natural and cultural heritage.

Become a Junior Ranger and you can learn about Tlingit culture, the rainforest, Russian America history, and the coastal environment! You'll receive an official badge so that you will not forget how important you are to the National Park Service.

Would you like to become a Junior Ranger? Once you arrive at the park stop by the Visitor Center to ask for a free Junior Ranger Activity Booklet. Complete the activities described in the book; required activities include attending a ranger-led program, interviewing a park ranger, and completing activity pages.

We are always happy to add another name to our Junior Ranger team. We invite YOU to become a member of this very special group of people.

Did You Know?

Photograph of a brown bear

Brown and grizzly bears are classified as the same species. Brown bears found inland and in northern habitats are often called “grizzlies” while “brown bear” is used to refer to animals found in coastal areas.