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Boy Scout Hiking

Boy Scout Patch

Boy Scout Patch

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Shiloh National Military Park does not coordinate the Boy Scout hiking program. A scout group out of Memphis, Tennessee, issues hiking packets, grades the materials, and awards patches. You can contact them in a variety of ways:


(901) 753-9240

Shiloh Military Trails, Inc.
P.O. Box 17507
Memphis, Tennessee 38187-0507

IMPORTANT: Scout leaders, please click on and read the following "Scout Guidelines" document before your visit to Shiloh National Military Park. The staff of Shiloh Battlefield wants to assure that everyone has a safe, enjoyable, and educational visit to your national park.

Did You Know?

Shiloh National Cemetery

The Battle of Shiloh produced (officially) 23,746 casualties out of 109,784 men engaged. The first large scale battle of the war, Shiloh's horrific casualty list took the North and South by surprise.