Event Details

  • 04/24/2013

    Location: Shiloh Battlefield Time: 2:00 PM Fee Information: FREE Contact Name: Visitor Center Contact Phone Number: 731-689-5696

When the Civil War broke out, young men from both north and south joined the armies and marched off to war. Some were never heard from again, but others became successful militiary commanders and famous individuals. This tour will look through the eyes of young officers, many seeing combat for the first time. Some of these "young guns" will even go on to become successful generals such as Captain Andrew Hickenlooper, of the 5th Illinois Light Artillery, and Colonel Joesph Wheeler of the 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment. The program will explore the experiences of these young men and the continued rise of their careers after Shiloh. 

This car caravan tour will depart from the Shiloh Visitor Center at 2:00 pm. The tour will include six stops on the battlefield where each of these officers played a key part in the Battle of Shiloh. There will be a short walk on level ground at each stop.    


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