• The Tennessee Monument at Shiloh National Military Park


    National Military Park TN,MS

Park Planning

Strategic Plan (PDF - 118 KB)

Special Resource Study
Corinth Unit
Shiloh National Military Park
Mississippi - Tennessee
(PDF - 19.9 MB)

Corinth Unit Boundary Adjustment Study
Environmental Assessment

Cover (PDF - 196 KB)
Sections 1-2 (PDF - 4.14 MB)
Sections 3-4 (PDF - 1.83 MB)
Sections 5-8 (PDF - 188 KB)
Appendices A-C (PDF - 160 KB)
Appendices D-E (PDF - 1.1 MB)

Did You Know?

Henry Morton Stanley

Before Henry Morton Stanley discovered Dr. David Livingstone in Africa ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume"), he was a Confederate infantryman at the Battle of Shiloh. He was captured by the Federals at the battle.