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Shiloh National Military Park Administration Building

Shiloh National Military Park Administration Building

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Shiloh National Military Park uses several documents to help guide management of the park. Ranging from historic studies providing context to management plans pointing the way toward the future, these documents are important to park managers in determining how to administer one of America's most important treasures.

Administrative History 1894 - 1954 (PDF - 288 KB)

The Origin and Evolution of the National Military Park Idea

Land Protection Plan (PDF - 2.25 MB)

Outside Group Policy (PDF - 68 KB)

Did You Know?

Hornet's Nest

The Confederate army captured more than 2,200 Federal defenders of the Hornet's Nest at Shiloh. The prisoners spent six months in various Confederate prison camps before being exchanged for Confederate prisoners in the fall of 1862.