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    National Military Park TN,MS

Trees and Shrubs


Hardwood trees at Shiloh National Military Park

(NPS Photo)

More than 100 species of trees, shrubs, and woody vines inhabit the park. These plants provide the necessary shelter and structure for wildlife and food for herbivores, or animals that eat plants. Trees are the primary structure of the forest habitat types, while shrubs dominate the understory. The forest ecosystems are dominated by hardwood trees, mostly oaks and hickories. Three coniferous trees, Virginia pine, shortleaf pine, and loblolly pine, can be found mixed within the hardwoods or in small stands. Some of the common trees and shrubs are winged sumac, white oak, water oak, black cherry, yellow poplar, eastern redbud, American elm, common persimmon, mockernut hickory, and red maple.

Did You Know?

Shiloh National Cemetery

The Battle of Shiloh produced (officially) 23,746 casualties out of 109,784 men engaged. The first large scale battle of the war, Shiloh's horrific casualty list took the North and South by surprise.