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Red Fox Pups

Red Fox Pups at Shiloh National Military Park

(NPS Photo)

Established in 1894, Shiloh National Military Park encompasses nearly 4,200 acres of land in southwestern Tennessee and contains a detached 21-acre urban unit located in the nearby community of Corinth in northeast Mississippi. The rural Shiloh battlefield is situated on a plateau in the shape of an irregular triangle with sides between three and four miles in length. The present land area is bounded on the east by the Tennessee River flowing north at this point, on the south by Lick Creek and its tributaries, and the north and west by Snake Creek and its branch, Owl Creek. The battlefield is undulating tableland ranging in elevation from 360 to 580 feet above sea level. Several small tributaries drain from the plateau into adjoining bottomlands to the north, west and south, while branches on the eastern half of the field empty directly into the Tennessee River.

Did You Know?

Ulysses S. Grant

Two future United States presidents fought at the Battle of Shiloh. Ulysses S. Grant commanded the Federal Army of the Tennessee, while James A. Garfield commanded a brigade in the Federal Army of the Ohio.