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  • Shiloh National Military Park

    Research Made Real – Using National Park Service Web Pages to Locate Primary Sources

    Students will see how to use NPS web pages in their research. The following three sites will be shown to students: 1. Shiloh National Military Park Web Page 2. Junior Civil War Historian Web Page 3. Web Ranger Students will learn how to navigate these sites to find information about the Civil War and then use that information to enhance their writing on an informative paragraph assignment.

  • Natchez Trace Parkway

    American Indian Mound CSI

    American Indian Mound CSI

    By pretending they are investigating a theft, the students will compare and contrast Native American mounds from two time periods. They will use deductive reasoning to determine which objects belong to which mounds in either of the two time periods. The lesson can be used with photos provided in the plan or teachers may check out imitation artifact kits by calling 662-680-4015.

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