• Visitors bask in a golden sunset at Dickey Ridge Visitor Center in Shenandoah National Park


    National Park Virginia

Fees & Reservations

Thornton rock wood and stone entrance sign.
Shenandoah National Park is one of about 150 park service units that charge an entry fee. 80% of the fees collected at Shenandoah are returned to the park for specific projects.

Visitors to Shenandoah can purchase a one to seven day entrance permit or one of several annual or lifetime passes at Shenandoah's entrance stations.

Frequent visitors to Shenandoah may want to purchase an annual Shenandoah pass. There are also annual and lifetime passes that cover entrance at all National Park Service units and/or Federal areas.

For information about Shenandoah's fees click here to download a brochure (pdf, 258kb).

Fees may be charged for some permits. Organized events such as sporting events, ceremonies and large group gatherings, including group bicycle rides and car cruises may require a Special Use Permit. Commercial Filming of any type requires a permit.

Conducting commercial business activities in the park requires a Commercial Use Authorization.

Reservations can be made for campgrounds by visiting here.

Reservations can be made for lodging by visiting here.

To obtain an Academic Fee Waiver, click here.

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