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Backcountry Camping - Trip Plans


Possible Trip Plans

Now that you know your skill level and have considered your ideal trip plan, you are ready to plan your itinerary. The possibilities are endless, but we have put together over 100 possible trips, all of which can be traveled as they are written, or can be modified to meet your needs. While these plans tell you where to park, hike, and look for a campsite, they do not give you the level of detail that you will find in a good trail guide. You will need to purchase a topographic map anyway, so consider purchasing a guide as well.

Map and guidebook information.

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Skill Level (see the skill level worksheet if you’re not sure):

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Did You Know?

Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover sitting on the porch of the Brown House at Rapidan Camp in Shenandoah National Park.

In 1928, wanting to escape the heat and humidity of summers in Washington, D.C., Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover began looking for a "summer place" within a day's drive of the city. The Hoovers acquired land within the proposed Shenandoah National Park and built Rapidan Camp, their summer White House.