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When In The World: Setting Context

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President Herbert Hoover was born in 1874 and died in 1964. In his lifetime air travel went from the Wright brothers' 120-foot attempt at flight to regular commercial jet travel all over the world. In 1874 women wore skirts to the ankle and collars to the ears. By 1964 ankles, and even knees were visible. Radio and television were invented, two World Wars were fought, and Herbert Hoover was at the forefront of it all. Click on the timeline below to get a sense of the changes in the 90 years of Hoover's life and how he influenced the world he lived in.
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Did You Know?

A hiker is dwarfed by the huge, round, lichen-covered boulders of Old Rag Mountain.

The large rounded boulders on the top of Old Rag, Shenandoah National Park’s most popular peak, were formed in place by chemical and physical weathering, called spheroidal weathering.