President & Mrs. Hoover's Rapidan Camp

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The National Park Service protects some of America's most special places including the homes and birthplaces of many of our presidents. Among them is the summer retreat of President Herbert Hoover, Rapidan Camp, in Shenandoah National Park.

From tiny log cabins to palatial coastal mansions, the homes of our presidents reflect their lives and times. You can get a glimpse into these homes, and better yet, plan a trip. Visit the National Park Service American Presidents Travel Intinerary website. For an introduction to President Hoover's home in Shenandoah National Park visit the Rapidan Camp page of the website.

A ranger shows visitors historical images as they tour Rapidan Camp.

NPS | John F. Mitchell

Explore Rapidan Camp!

Shenandoah National Park offers ranger-guided tours of the Hoover's Presidential getaway late spring through fall. Click here for more information and the current Ranger Programs schedule.

The camp features the president's cabin, The Brown House, which has been historically refurnished to its 1929 appearance.

A recently completed exhibit, located in the historic Prime Minister's Cabin, offers visitors insight into the Hoovers' lives and their time at Rapidan Camp, as well as Herbert C. Hoover's Depression-Era presidency.

For an in-depth look at President Hoover, his presidency, and his special connection to Shenandoah try our multimedia interactive: Herbert Hoover and a Retreat Fit for a President

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