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Ranger Guided Programs

A ranger leads a group of young students across Big Meadows.
NPS photo
Shenandoah National Park offers free ranger-guided, curriculum-based programs for grades 2-6 that directly support the Virginia Science Standards of Learning and the National Science Education Standards. Teachers are required to attend a free instructional workshop prior to bringing their students on a program. At the workshop, teachers receive pre-visit and post-visit activities to be used in the classroom and learn how best to incorporate the park program into their classroom lesson plans. Park rangers lead the in-park programs, which generally last two hours. Group size is limited to 45-60 students and reservations are required.

2nd grade - Habitats of Shenandoah
3rd grade - Adaptations for Survival
4th grade - Ecosystems: The World-wide Web of Life
5th grade - Geology: Our Rockin' Earth
6th grade - Watersheds: Mountains to the Bay

Leave No Trace and Wilderness Resource Education

Did You Know?

The scarlet tanager has bright red feathers and black wings and tail during mating season. Its color changes to olive during the winter.

Most of the Shenandoah National Park’s 200 bird species are heard rather than seen, due to the dense canopy of leaves. More...