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  • The Generals Highway "Road Between the Parks" is OPEN

    The section of road between Lodgepole (Sequoia) and Grant Grove (Kings Canyon) is open. Call 559-565-3341 (press 1, 1) for 24-hour road updates.

  • Be Prepared! Tire Chains or Cables May Be Required in the Parks at Any Time

    All vehicles must carry chains or cables when entering a chain-restricted area. It's the law (CA Vehicle Code, Section 605, Sections 27450-27503). Road conditions may change often. For road conditions, call 559-565-3341 (press 1, 1). More »

  • You May Have Trouble Calling Us

    We are experiencing technical problems receiving incoming phone calls. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please send us an email to SEKI_Interpretation@nps.gov or check the "More" link for trip-planning information. More »

  • Vehicle Length Limits in Sequoia National Park (if Entering/Exiting Hwy 198)

    Planning to see the "Big Trees" in Sequoia National Park? If you enter/exit via Hwy. 198, please pay close attention to vehicle length advisories for your safety and the safety of others. More »

Lodging Outside the Parks

Please read important park alerts by clicking the red tab above before you come to the parks.


Lodging Inside the Parks

Where to Eat


The following list of lodging near the two park entrances is provided as a service. It includes accommodations within 30 miles of one of the two park entrances, including those in the adjacent national forest. This list provides contact information for local chambers of commerce. The National Park Service is not affiliated with any establishments outside park boundaries. Inclusion on this list is based solely upon proximity to the park entrances; This list is not an endorsement of type or quality of service.


Sequoia National Park
Accommodations within 30 miles of the Sequoia National Park entrance (Highway 198).

Buckeye Tree Lodge 559-561-5900
Cinnamon Creek Ranch Bed & Breakfast 559-561-1107
Comfort Inn & Suites 559-561-9000
Cort Cottage Bed & Breakfast 559-561-4671
Farmstay 559-804-6448
Gateway Lodge 559-561-4133
Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch 559-798-0557
Kaweah Park Resort (RVs, campground & cabins) 559-561-4424
Lake Elowin Resort 559-561-3460
Lazy J Ranch Motel 559-561-4449
Lemon Cove/Sequoia Campground & RV Park 559-597-2346
Plantation Bed & Breakfast 800-240-1466 559-597-2555
Ranch Champagne Cabins 559-561-3490 559-259-5297
Residence Bellevue Guesthouse 559-561-6405
Rio Sierra Riverhouse 559-561-4720
Sequoia Bed & Breakfast Association none
Sequoia House Vacation Rental 800-793-7309 559-561-4367
Sierra Lodge 800-367-8879
Sequoia Motel 559-561-4453
Sequoia River Cabins 559-561-6405
Sequoia River Dance Bed & Breakfast 559-561-4411
Sequoia RV Ranch 877-452-9324 559-561-4333
Sequoia Village Inn 559-561-3652
Silver City Mountain Resort (on Mineral King Road) 559-561-3223
The River Jewel 559-799-8201
Three Rivers Bed and Breakfast 559-561-4270 310-372-2619
Three Rivers Hideaway (RVs, campground & cabins) 559-561-4413
Three Rivers Motel 559-561-4413
Western Holiday Lodge 559-561-4119
Wicky Up Ranch Bed & Breakfast 559-564-8898


Kings Canyon National Park (Grant Grove area)
Accommodations within 30 miles of Kings Canyon National Park entrance (Highway 180).

Apple Place, The
Branded Calf, The
Dunlap Cabin
Fivespot Cabin
Montecito Lake Resort
Pinehurst Cabin
Pinehurst Lodge
Redwood Mountain Retreat
Sequoia Highlands Cabins
Sequoia Resort
Seven Circles Retreat
Sierra Inn
Snowline Motel
Squaw Valley Motel
Starry Oaks Cottage (Squaw Valley)
Stony Creek Lodge
Wonder Valley Ranch Resort-Conference Ctr.

Kings Canyon National Park (between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove)

Kings Canyon Lodge 559-335-2405
Sequoia National Forest/Giant Sequoia National Monument
(Big Meadows Rd; FS 13S11)
Sequoia High Sierra Camp 866-654-2877

Chambers of Commerce and Partner Agencies
The following chambers of commerce represent many facilities in a number of towns, including some businesses located more than 20 miles from park entrances.

Regional Chambers of Commerce

Sequoia Tourism Council

Central Sierra Chamber of Commerce


Did You Know?

Bootprint on pink algae in snow.

Patches of colorful pink snow in the High Sierra are actually colonies of snow algae — Chlamydomonas nivalis. Unlike most species of fresh-water algae, it thrives in freezing water. Compressing the red snow with your boot increases the intensity of the color. Warning: Do not eat it!