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  • Road Construction Delays on Park Roads for 2014 Season

    Expect occasional 15-minute to 1-hour delays in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks on weekdays only (times vary), including delays to/from the General Sherman Tree, Crystal Cave, and Grant Grove. More »

  • Vehicle Length Limits in Sequoia National Park (if Entering/Exiting Hwy 198)

    Planning to see the "Big Trees" in Sequoia National Park? If you enter/exit via Hwy. 198, and your vehicle is longer than 22 feet (combined length), please pay close attention to vehicle length advisories for your safety and the safety of others. More »

  • You May Have Trouble Calling Us

    We are experiencing technical problems receiving incoming phone calls. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please send us an email to SEKI_Interpretation@nps.gov or check the "More" link for trip-planning information. More »

Fire Records and Fire Management Maps

Below are links to: 1) annual fire atlases with a year-end fire summary, 2) burn area maps for specific areas of the parks and 3) links to maps and information about currently active fires in the parks. Most maps are in JPG or Acrobat PDF format. If you need the free Acrobat viewer, you can download it here.

A database of GIS data on the park's fire history is also available.


Fire Atlases:

These maps and accompanying text show prescribed natural fires, suppressed lightning fires, human-caused wildfires, and planned and completed prescribed burns in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. A bar plot summarizing area burned annually with the Parks since 1968 when our prescribed fire program began is shown below.

2013 (590 kb pdf)
2012 (411 kb pdf)
2011 (260 kb pdf)
2010 (253 kb pdf)
2009 (542 kb pdf)
2008 (577 kb pdf)
2007 (542 kb pdf)
2006 (505 kb pdf)
2005 (616 kb pdf)
2004 (411 kb pdf)
2003 (340 kb pdf)
2002 (150 kb pdf)
2001 (217 kb pdf)
2000 (192 kb pdf)
1999 (203 kb pdf)
1998 (274 kb pdf)
1997 (154 kb pdf)
1996 (216 kb pdf)
1995 (62 kb pdf)


Other Maps:

  • Burned Areas - Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park: Prescribed and wildfires since the 1970's, current as of 5/23/05 (569 kb PDF).
  • Burned Areas - Redwood Mountain, Kings Canyon National Park: Kings Canyon National Park: Prescribed and wildfires since the 1960's, current as of 6/14/98 (247 KB PDF).
  • Burned Areas - Grant Grove, Prescribed burns and wildfires in the Grant Grove area, current as of 7/13/2005 (157 KB PDF).
  • Burned Areas - Cedar Grove, Prescribed burns and wildfires in the Cedar Grove area, current through 2001 (279 KB PDF).
  • Burned Areas - East Fork Watershed of the Kaweah River, All fires in the East Fork from 1921 though 2001 (111 KB PDF).
  • Burned Areas - Kern Watershed, All fires in the Upper Kern drainage.

Did You Know?

California flag with a grizzly bear on it.

Although California's state flag has a grizzly bear on it, no grizzlies live in California anymore. The last known grizzly in the state was shot in 1922 just outside what is now Kings Canyon National Park. The remaining bears are all black bears -- no matter what color they are.