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wide range of sign types. The new standards, expressed primarily in the . Uni. Guide Sign Standards reference manual, were introduced by the original release of this ...

Heritage Bulletin #4 signage - National Park Service

Sign Standards Manual Overview—(35 pages, ... 112 interpretive signs total, 56 by end of summer 2004--no way-finding installed yet State of SC—DOT.

Denver Service Center - National Park Service

Denver Service Center Graphics Reference Manual Denver Service Center Planning / Publications Division National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior

… Get Doc - National Park Service - NPS Planning

Editing Reference Manual January 2005 Denver Service Center United States Department of the Interior • National Park Service

National Park Service Administrative Manuals

Standard Symbols Manual - 1936 Subsistence and Transportation Allowances ... Sign Manual - 1940-1947 Ranger Manuals - Y55 Manual for Park Rangers, ...

Handbook for Trail Design, Construction and Maintenance ...

Handbook for Trail Design and ... Chapter 4-Standards for Trail Construction. Chapter 5- Trail Structures. Chapter 6-Support Structures. Chapter 7-Signs.

Secretary's Standards--Archeology and Historic Preservation

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation, as amended and annotated, provide technical advice about ...

Director's Orders and Related Documents/ NPS Office of Policy

... Handbooks and Reference Manuals. ... Superseded by Director's Order #11D ... UniGuide Sign Standards: Available (restricted access)