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Congaree Swamp Woodland Mound

In 2012, a (PMIS #149399) project for emergency data recovery of two Native American sites in danger of being lost due to erosion within Congaree National Park (CONG). The two sites chosen for the project were the Sandbar Site (COSW-20, 38RD190) and Starling’s Mound (COSW-26, 38RD1237). Additional fieldwork was proposed if circumstances became such that work at either one of these sites could not be conducted, consisting of an archeological inventory of sites located in recently acquired lands (involving locating and delineating the sites). The sites included for the inventory: Bates Dead River site (COSW-32, 38RD57), Fork Swamp Site (COSW-33, 38RD62), and Congaree Swamp Woodland Mound (COSW-31, 38RD327).

Shovel test investigations at Sandbar Site (COSW-20, 38RD190), Fork Swamp Site (COSW-33, 38RD62), Bates Dead River Site (COSW-32, 38RD57) were unable to relocate these sites.

Starlings Mound (COSW-26, 38RD1237) was relocated by examining the bank profiles for cultural materials. An excavation unit produced 202 artifacts from the Middle to Late Woodland era (1000 BCE-500 CE). The site itself is in peril from eroding into the Congaree River and thus emergency salvage of the site is recommended.

Congaree Swamp Woodland Mound (COSW-31, 38RD327) was relocated. A single excavation unit provided stratigraphic control for 502 artifacts suggesting an Early to Middle Woodland Period for the site. Further research should be carried out at Congaree Swamp Woodland Mound in order to determine the extent of the site.

Additionally, a small compliance project was carried out during the trip, involving the excavation of 11 shovel tests across from the Visitor Centers parking lot. The shovel tests were excavated in preparation for a planned expansion of the parking facilities. All shovel tests were negative and clearance was provided to the park to continue with their plans.