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The Center assists National Parks in fulfilling their archeological responsibilities by providing a variety of services through the ACIM and I&E sections. In addition, SEAC provides CRM services, including archeological research and public outreach, to state and federal agencies outside of the National Park Service through the TAP section. For more information on these sections and the services they provide, please see their individual webpages:

Archeological Collections and Information Management

Archeological Investigations and Compliance

NAGPRA and Applied Science

Public Interpretation and Outreach

Regional Archeological Survey Program

National Historical Landmarks and External Contracts

Since 1991, the Center has reviewed over 500 "Assessment of Actions Having an Effect on Cultural Resources" (XXX) forms. No further archeological work was recommended on approximately 60 percent of projects reviewed. Of the remaining approximately 40 percent, archeological survey, testing, and/or monitoring was recommended. In no cases, after a recommendation of no additional work or after field testing was conducted with negative results, was an archeological site discovered during construction. In the few exceptions where projects were undertaken by private consultants or archeologists from other agencies, the Center reviewed their qualifications, research designs, and reports to assure that professional, NPS, and Center standards were met. With over 200 projects conducted since 1990, only twice have SHPOs requested minor additional work. Center projects are recognized as cost effective, timely, and of the highest quality throughout the NPS.


SEAC and the National Park Service also offer a number of training courses for archeologists, interpreters, law enforcement personnel, educators, and other interested professionals. Please see the following webpages for more information.

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