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    Southeast Archeological Center

    Cultural Resources National Park Service

Contact Us

SEAC Mailing Address:
Southeast Archeological Center
National Park Service
2035 E. Paul Dirac Drive
Johnson Building, Suite 120
Tallahassee, Florida 32310

phone (850) 580-3011
fax (850) 580-2884

Principle Contact Information:
Center Director:
David Morgan 850 580-3011 x123

Administrative Officer:
Albert Kagler 850 580-3011 x109

Archeological Collections and Information Management:
Richard Vernon 850 580-3011 x145

Archeological Investigations and Compliance:
John Cornelison 850 580-3011 x127

NAGPRA and Applied Science
Margo Schwadron 850 580-3011 x238

Public Interpretation and Outreach
Meredith Hardy 850 580-3011 x128

Regional Archeological Survey Program
Guy Prentice 850 580-3011 x124

National Historical Landmarks and External Contracts
Mike Russo 850 580-3011 x344

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