• Saddle rock in Winter

    Scotts Bluff

    National Monument Nebraska

Summit Shuttle

Scotts Bluff visitor shuttle.

Shuttle bus


Ride the Summit Shuttle
Building the Summit Road

The Summit Road was opened in 1937.


The Summit Shuttle is available to any visitor free of charge.

During the 7-10 minute drive, a park ranger will share stories about the natural, cultural, and historical resources of the park

Since the Summit Road is a protected mountain road, with 3 tunnels and many sharp turns, it cannot accommodate large vehicles or trailers.

The Summit Shuttle provides an opportunity to visit the summit and overlook trails. Visitors may also want to take advantage of the shuttle to hike one way on the Saddle Rock Trail.

The height limits of the Summit Road are 12 feet high due to the 3 tunnels and the length limit is 25 feet due to the hairpin turns.

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