• Sentinal and Eagle Rocks

    Scotts Bluff

    National Monument Nebraska

Outdoor Activities

Covered wagon with Eagle Rock in the background

Photo by Jonathan S. Garcia

  • Drive the historic Summit Road.
  • Ride the guided Summit Shuttle to the top of Scotts Bluff.
  • Hike the 1.6 mile Saddle Rock Trail to the summit.
  • At the summit, hike the 1/2 mile North Overlook Trail to see the badlands area, the city of Scottsbluff, and the North Platte River Valley or the 1/8 mile South Overlook Trail to view the Oregon Trail, Mitchell Pass, and the Visitor Center.
  • View the covered wagons and walk the Oregon Trail Pathway to see remnants of the trail.
  • Experience the living history program in the summer.
  • Participate in a ranger-led, interpretive hike in the summer.
  • Enjoy a picnic with a spectacular view at the new picnic area near the visitor center.

Did You Know?

Tunnel Two on the Summit Road at Scotts Bluff National Monument

The Summit Road at Scotts Bluff National Monument is believed to be the oldest existing concrete road in the state of Nebraska. The road allows visitors to drive to the top of the bluff through three tunnels for a spectacular view of the valley.