• Sentinal and Eagle Rocks

    Scotts Bluff

    National Monument Nebraska


There is a variety of subjects that interest our visitors. From the covered wagons to snakes, people are curious to know more. To meet that curiosity the staff at Scotts Bluff National Monument has written a series of site bulletins. These handouts give visitors enough information to either satisfy or whet their appetite for more. If more information is desired, the Oregon Trail Museum Association (OTMA) sells books covering several subjects.

Click on any of the titles below to see the site bulletin. If you wish to print one, they are designed for legal size (8.5"x14") paper. These bulletins are also available at the Scotts Bluff National Monument visitor center.

Badlands of Scotts Bluff
Building the Monument
Chimney Rock
Conestoga Wagon
Death and Danger on the Trails
Deer of the Prairie
Five Rocks of Scotts Bluff
Fort Mitchell
Forts Along the Oregon Trail
Frontier Weapons Displayed at Scotts Bluff
Geographic Landforms
Geology of Scotts Bluff
Hiking Trails
Hiram Scott
Horse Creek Treaty of 1851
Map of Scotts Bluff National Monument
Mammals of Scotts Bluff
Mormon Odometer
Prairie Dogs
Rebecca Winters
Road Through Scotts Bluff
Robidoux Pass
Snakes of the Prairie
Soap Box Derby
South Bluff
SS Scotts Bluff
Travelling the Emigrant Trails
Vegetation of Scotts Bluff
Wagons on the Emigrant Trails
Weathering and Erosion
Wildlife of Scotts Bluff
William Henry Jackson

Did You Know?

Living History Demonstration.  Summer 2006

The first living history demonstration (Pioneer Campsite) was held at the Monument in 1971 and was conducted by volunteers and Park Rangers.