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  • Monument Marathon Lane Closure September 27

    The morning of Saturday, September 27, the east bound lane of Old Oregon Trail will be closed from 8AM until 1PM. The park is open normal hours of 8AM -5PM. To access the park please use the west bound lane. For more info http://www.monumentmarathon.com/ More »

Springs and Seeps

Scotts Spring

Scotts Spring

National Park Service photograph

Scotts Spring is the only natural spring with the Monument. It was first recorded in pioneer diaries as a place to find clear drinking water as compared to the often muddy water of the North Platte River. Today the spring is easily visited, as it is located next to the Saddle Rock Trail and approximately one-half mile from the visitor center. The spring is very small and can be easily missed by visitors. Animals of the Monument use it as a source of drinking water. Their tracks can be seen in the mud or snow near the spring.

To the north of the Gering Irrigation District's canal is an area with a few seeps. These seeps are not located on any map, because they are small and very little water flows from them. The seeps do produce lush vegetation, which appears out of place in the badlands area of the Monument. These very small seeps appear to be associated with the district's canal as soil drilling has revealed saturated soil below the level of the canal's water for at least fifty feet. The seeps do flow year around.

Did You Know?

Paved road above 3rd tunnel, 9/1937

Originally the road to the summit did not have a center line painted on it. Instead a buzz strip was made to alert drivers by sound and vibration that they were about to drift into the other lane.