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    Salt River Bay

    National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve Virgin Islands

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  • Salt River Bay NHP&EP Visitor Contact Station Closed until November 2014

    The Visitor Contact Station at Salt River Bay is currently closed until we reopen on November 14, 2014. Based on staff availability we can open by appointment, or reserve for specific function. Call 340-773-1460 for more information

Your Safety

Cover up, wear a hat, and use sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Beware of hazardous surf conditions and crosscurrents and do not swim alone. Be cautious in shoreline shallows and near shore reefs; avoid potentially harmful stingrays, fire coral, spiny sea urchins, and stinging organisms. Cuts from coral and other marine life infect quickly; clean and medicate them. Corals are fragile animal skeletons; don’t stand or hang on them. We recommend you scuba dive with a professional group. Check on regulations and best practices before boating. Don’t anchor in coral reef areas. Learn to recognize and avoid hazardous vegetation. Contact with poisonous manchineel trees – including sap, leaves, bark, and fruit resembling small green apples – can cause a chemical burn. Touching your eyes after such contact can cause swelling or even temporary blindness. Contact with the holly-like Christmas bush causes a severe rash.

Did You Know?

Bluetang fish

The 350 foot submarine canyon at the entrance to Salt River Bay, with its diversity of deep water coral and unique geologic features (such as caverns, grottoes, ledges, and caves) is one of few such features found world wide.