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    Salt River Bay

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  • Salt River Bay NHP&EP Visitor Contact Station Closed until November 2014

    The Visitor Contact Station at Salt River Bay is currently closed until we reopen on November 14, 2014. Based on staff availability we can open by appointment, or reserve for specific function. Call 340-773-1460 for more information

News Releases

Throughout 2013 several scientists from the Joint Institute for Caribbean Marine Studies (JICMS) partner institutions examined the phenomenon in the Mangrove Lagoon/Bioluminescent Bay in the east portion of Salt River Bay. A series of water and sediment samples taken throughout the year allowed us to identify the organism(s) responsible for the bioluminescence and describe their ecology.

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Did You Know?

Salt River Mangroves

By filtering water that runs off the land and into the bay, the mangrove forests protect coral reefs from sediments that can smother corals and block the sunlight they use to synthesize their food.