• Scenic rural landscape with green lawn, cloud-flecked blue sky, and autumn foliage punctuated by a small, deep red farmhouse and red cannon carriages.


    National Historical Park New York


Official Park Brochure & Map

The official park brochure/map is available as a downloadable PDF document (page size: approx. 8½" x 23"; file size: 5.1 MB).

A printer-friendly PDF version is also available (page size: 8½" x 11"; file size: 865 kb).


Wilkinson Trail Brochure & Map (Hiking)

If you would like a printed copy of the Wilkinson Trail Brochure/Map, a PDF version is available (page size 8" x 14", PDF file size 105 kb).


Local Area Map

Need assistance getting here from there? A printer-friendly PDF download of our Local Area Map is available (legal-size page 8½ "x 14"; file size: 1.2 MB).


2014 Calendar of Events

Need a print copy of the 2014 Calendar of Events? A printer-friendly PDF version is available for download (page size: 8½" x 11"; file size: 1.4 MB).

Did You Know?

Picture of a brick and clay baking oven.

Bread, pies, cookies --delicious! Baking in the 18th century was done in brick or clay "beehive" ovens. Heated by building a fire inside that was burned down to coals and ash, the heat stored in the brick and clay baked the food. A wooden plug covered the front opening and kept heat inside.