• Scenic rural landscape with green lawn, cloud-flecked blue sky, and autumn foliage punctuated by a small, deep red farmhouse and red cannon carriages.


    National Historical Park New York

Guest Speakers

Invite a Park Ranger to visit your school!

For schools within a one-hour drive from Saratoga National Historical Park, the following free educational programs can be brought to your classroom:
  • "Gone for a Soldier"
  • 18th-Century Medicine
  • Battlefield Archeology
To schedule, or for more information, please call the Saratoga NHP Information Desk at 518-664-9821 ext. 1777 or 518-670-2985.

Did You Know?

The Baroness Fredericka von Riedesel.

Many fascinating and touching details about life during and after the Battles of Saratoga can be found in the journal of Baroness Fredericka von Riedesel, wife of the commander of the German forces under the British during the battles.