• Blankets, hides, and other offerings hang at massacre overlook

    Sand Creek Massacre

    National Historic Site Colorado

Park Planning


Final Acoustical Monitoring Report (2011, .PDF, 1.29 MB)

Aerial Photography:

Analysis of Aerial Photography from 1936-37, 1954, 1975 (1999, .PDF, 6.38 MB)

Air Quality:

Air Quality Monitoring Considerations (2011, .PDF, 4.28 MB)

Fire Management:

Fire Management Plan (2012)


Science Status Report (2008, . PDF, 481 KB)
Oil and Gas:

Did You Know?

Sand Creek Ceremonies

The Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site is visited by people from throughout the region, nation, and world. The site's challenging and unique story provides for many special commemorative and educational opportunities. More...