• Blankets, hides, and other offerings hang at massacre overlook

    Sand Creek Massacre

    National Historic Site Colorado


The collection of documents surrounding the Sand Creek Massacre is extensive and complex. In addition to the historical documentation of the massacre and its related events, the National Park Service continues to conduct scientific studies across the site, including grass, bird, archaeological, and environmental reports. The following documents detail specific details of the Sand Creek Massacre and its associated documents, many of which include cooperation between tribes, state and federal agencies, universities, and affected landowners. Site Management documents can be found here.

Important Site Location Documents:

Note: Many of these documents and study results saw use during the site location process from 1998-2000. The National Park Service has added to this research and information over the past few years, such as Nature and Science documents available here and Park Planning documents available here. Also, some information, such as the location of the site, has been clarified greatly in the intervening years. The Site Location Study will demonstrate National Park Service conclusions from the data available in 2000.

Did You Know?

Colonel John M. Chivington

John Chivington (1/27/1821-10/4/1894) commanded the Colorado Volunteers at Sand Creek. Having led Union forces to victory at Glorieta Pass in 1862, the controversial commander denied any culpability for the Massacre for his whole life. His namesake, the southeastern Colorado town of Chivington, was founded in 1887. More...