• Stars appear behind a dramatic landscape of rocky mountains, rolling hills, and fields of grass

    Santa Monica Mountains

    National Recreation Area California

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Single-track trails bordered by chaparral plants wind through the park and can be experienced year-round.

Located only minutes from the large cities of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, this rare and endangered ecosystem is home to one of the best examples of a Mediterranean biome in the world!

Only 2% of the planet has this type of environment and you can be a part of the story that ensures its survival and success.

College and High School students can even support their park by becoming an intern and clicking here.

Whether you sign-up as a volunteer, get a new read from our bookstore, or even make a donation to the park's official non-profit partner, the Santa Monica Mountains Fund, you are helping the park in so many ways. Thank you!

Did You Know?

The need for plants used in restoration projects loomed large for many years, but volunteers made it happen.

A core group of dedicated National Park volunteers, often laboring in the hot sun, built a native plant nursery from the ground up in 2002. Native plants, from the common Ceanothus to the endangered Lyons pygmy daisy germinated in this volunteer-run nursery will help restore disturbed habitat.