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Map and Site Information: Zuma Beach County Park


Photo by NPS-A. Bevilacqua

This wide, sandy beach along the Pacific Coast Highway is a popular destination for surfing, swimming, and observing dolphins and sea lions or the diverse wildlife around the restored wetlands of nearby Zuma Lagoon. The beach has parking, volleyball courts, lifeguard stations, swing sets, and a snack bar. A scenic bike path starts here and runs northward for about 2.5 miles.

Bus stop, restrooms, swimming, and wildlife viewing.
Zuma Beach

Photo by NPS-A. Bevilacqua

Site Info and Map

Zuma Beach Entrance Area Map (JPG - 814KB)


Pacific Coast Hwy to Busch Dr. First right after turn. Travel through a tunnel to entrance station.

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Map showing the location of the Zuma Beach County Park

This site is managed and operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches & Harbors.

Did You Know?

Charlie Cooke, hereditary Chief of the Chumash played an important role in making sure 85 acres remained open space.

On June 13, 1980, Charlie Cooke, hereditary Chief of the Chumash and concerned citizens fulfilled a dream-- a place for families to explore our natural world and learn about the Chumash. Satwiwa in Newbury Park, CA celebrates the beauty of the mountains and all Native American cultures.