• Afternoon clouds cover the distance peaks of the iconic Boney Mountain

    Santa Monica Mountains

    National Recreation Area California

Recommended Climbing Sites

The list below is small portion of the many climbing sites located within the Santa Monica Mountains. It is organized with the park site in bold, the climbing location underlined, and the route name and difficulty rating based on the Yosemite Decimal System below that.

A view of the Echo Cliffs from the Mishe Mokwa Trail at Circle X Ranch.

A view of the Echo Cliffs from the Mishe Mokwa Trail at Circle X Ranch.

Echo Cliffs
Mystic River 6
Intellitoys 9
The Guillotine 10b
Death by Chocolate 10d
Caffeine 11a
Java 11d
Immaculate 12a
Crash and Burn 12d
State of Grace 13c

The Lookout
Double Agent 10a
Incognito 11c
Conspiracy 12a
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Malibu Creek State Park

Planet of the Apes Wall
Planet of the Apes 11a
Monkey Sang, Monkey Do 11c

Stumbling Blocks
Chopping Block 8
Guerilla Drilla 10a
Nipple Denial Syndrome 11a

Mount Gorageous
Gorgeous 10a
Luscious 11

Ghetto Wall
Kathmandu 10a
Skeezer Pleaser 11b
Johnny Can't Lead 10d
Urban Struggle 12a/b
Ghetto Blaster 13b
Point Dume

The Arete 6
Center 8
South Face Left 10a
Tick Rock Circus Midget 10c
Perro De La Guerra 12c

Did You Know?

Watch the credits a the end of a film and you may discover how often national parks are used by the movie industry.

Unique vistas and cultural significance often draw filmmakers to National Parks. Paramount Ranch is the only place in the National Park System where you can see movie making in action at a historic movie ranch once owned by Paramount Pictures (1927).