• Stars appear behind a dramatic landscape of rocky mountains, rolling hills, and fields of grass

    Santa Monica Mountains

    National Recreation Area California

Backbone Trail from Latigo Canyon parking area to Malibu Canyon parking area

  • Mileage: 9.5 miles
  • Agencies: NPS and Malibu Creek State Park
  • Flora: Again traversing many canyons through chaparral, oak woodland, and streamside communities.
  • Geology: The Castro Crest area beside the Corral Canyon parking lot has wind and erosion carved sandstone. Fossils are frequently seen on the Mesa Peak fire road.
  • Cautions: The trail is sometimes hard to find through the rocky area east of the Corral Canyon parking lot. You can walk down south from the parking lot to Corral Canyon Road, then continue about .25 miles to the gated Mesa Peak Motorway on your left where the BBT continues east. As you descend towards Malibu Canyon and approach the Las Virgenes Municipal Water property, watch for the small trail to your right which is the BBT, or you'll be stopped by the locked gate.

Again, GPS units and hiking poles are recommended.


Did You Know?

A community project led by the National Park Service has restored Zuma Lagoon.

Many hands spanning different generations and agencies continue to turn back the clock on damage to the fragile environment at Zuma Lagoon. After the removal of debris and the restoration of native plants, beach visitors now find a living wetland with 108 species of birds and colorful wildflowers.