• Stars appear behind a dramatic landscape of rocky mountains, rolling hills, and fields of grass

    Santa Monica Mountains

    National Recreation Area California


Vibrant wildflowers make the park their home and be can be found by taking a trip to the Santa Monica Mountains.

Comprising over 150,000 acres, five different area codes, and twenty-six different zipcodes, including the famous 90210, to say the Santa Monica Mountains cover a wide area is an understatement.

Being so close to a population of approximately 17 million people, the Office of Public Affairs for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area reaches out not only to the local community, but to the rest of the world by issuing official news releases through this website.

See the links to the left for park news releases and contact information for the Office of Public Affairs.

Did You Know?

Watch the credits a the end of a film and you may discover how often national parks are used by the movie industry.

Unique vistas and cultural significance often draw filmmakers to National Parks. Paramount Ranch is the only place in the National Park System where you can see movie making in action at a historic movie ranch once owned by Paramount Pictures (1927).