Webcams are becoming common place around the world. The National Park Service is working on a webcam project to feature various landscapes, scenery, plants, and maybe even some animals in the Santa Monica Mountains as a way to show visitors places they have never seen or even knew about.

Even though the park is located in an urban area, there are many things to see and experience. We hope that in future time we will be able to add more webcams so you can experience your park from anywhere in the world.

We are sorry to announce that our Solstice Canyon webcam was destroyed in a fire. But, we will be adding other webcams, soon. So, come back and check at a later date.

There are other cameras throughout the Santa Monica Mountains that provide myriad different views.

The Watch the Water Coastal Monitoring Network provides daytime webcams of the Malibu Coast, along with 360 degree shots of the beach and mountains. Zuma and Surfrider are beaches in the recreation area, but the site other views along the Pacific South Coast. Provides great information whether you are planning a hike, to surf, or to just walk on the beach!

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