• A lush field of bright orange California poppies against a cloudless blue sky

    Santa Monica Mountains

    National Recreation Area California

Parks as Classrooms

Field Trips

National Park Service rangers and volunteers conduct free curriculum-based field trips during the school year. All programs are designed to give elementary and high school students an opportunity to hike through the mountains and participate in hands-on learning activities.

Traveling Trunks

Reserve our free cultural heritage traveling trunks and explore the Tongva & Chumash pre-contact period and the 19th century Spanish and Mexican cultures of the Mission and Rancho eras. Traveling trunks are designed to provide 3rd -5th grade teachers with hands-on materials that reflect the history of the Santa Monica Mountains and Southern California.

Curriculum Materials

In an effort to connect the park with the classroom, we provide free 1st - 12th grade lesson plans for teachers. These lesson plans are designed to meet California education standards as well as teach our next generation about their public lands.