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Archaeology of the Derby Counting House IV


The History of the Counting House
The Excavation
Further Reading (including a digital copy of the final report)


Further Reading about the Derby Counting House Archaeology


Hardlines Design Company. Report of Findings: SAMA 2011F Conduct Derby Counting House Archaeological Investigations. 2013

Snell, Charles W. Historic Structure Report: Derby Wharf and Warehouses Together With Data on the Physical History of the Ezekiel Hersey Derby and John Prince Wharf Lots, Lots A and B: Historical Data. (Denver, Colo: National Park Service, 1974)

  • Pages 76-80 focus on the Counting House. ·

Bentley, William The Diary of William Bentley, DD, Pastor of the East Church, Salem. Four Volumes. (Salem, Mass.: Essex Institute, 1907)

  • Rev. William Bentley kept detailed diaries of his life in Salem between 1783 and 1819, which included local gossip, history, and news. The diaries are available in full text from Google books and the Internet Archive.

The National Park Service Northeast Museum Services Center Archaeology Lab blog has more information about the National Park Service's archaeology collections

Did You Know?

On a sunny day, a small boat motors past the 1871 lighthouse at the tip of Derby Wharf.

Salem native Captain John Derby was the first to bring news of the Battle of Lexington and Concord to England when he sailed from Derby Wharf in April 1775. In 1783, Captain John Derby was also the first person to bring news of the signing of the Treaty of Paris to America.