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For Kids

Eglantine the Custom House Eagle

Eglantine the Custom House Eagle is always ready to do a Junior Ranger activity!

cartoon by Paul Trap

Hi kids! I'm Eglantine the Custom House Eagle. From my perch on top of the Salem Custom House, I see lots of kids visiting Salem Maritime every year.

There are lots of fun things to do at Salem Maritime! If you are visiting the site, check out the calendar of events to see if there are any family activities scheduled during your visit.

You can download some of our Junior Ranger activities so that when you visit you can join me to earn your Junior Ranger badge!

I also have some activities you can do at home. One is a maritime word search puzzle, an another is a dory that you can cut out and assemble. It really floats!

Did You Know?

A view of the rigging of Friendship, looking up through the spiderweb of lines attached to the horizontal yards and vertical masts.

Over 17 miles of line makes up the rigging of the tall ship Friendship at Salem Maritime. That's about the distance from Salem to Boston! More...