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    San Juan Island

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Park staff and volunteers form the 1860's Color Guard in the island's Fourth of July parade.
Park staff and volunteers form the 1860's Color Guard in the island's Fourth of July parade. More than 13,000 volunteer hours were logged in FY 2009.
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Members of the park's volunteer support organization, Battery D Foundation, gather around the Prairie Howitzer they built following years of fundraising. Battery D Annually supports the park's interpretation programs, including the annual Encampment, which draws re-enactors from throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

The accelerating need to preserve our natural and historical resources, and provide efficient visitor services, is placing an increasing strain on National Park Service funds and personnel. Only through the efforts of committed volunteers can the park fully serve the public.

We are looking for people who are friendly, personable and enjoy serving and enhancing the enjoyment of others while they are in the park. It takes patience and flexibility to work the wide range of people who visit the park each year. Visitors vary in age, background and come from all over the world. Volunteers work on the average of two to forty hours a week in two- to eight-hour shifts. Volunteers may receive academic credit by applying to have the park send evaluations to their schools.

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Stu Stern explains blacksmithing.
San Juan Island NHP volunteer Stu Stern explains and demonstrates blacksmithing on the Pacific Northwest frontier to a group of Skagit Valley College "Exploritas" visitors.
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Did You Know?

Colour Sgt. John Prettyjohn

English Camp's Colour Sgt. John Prettyjohn was awarded the Victoria Cross (Great Britain's highest award for valor)for his actions during the Battle of Inkerman during the Crimean War.