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    Saugus Iron Works

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

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Many Cultures

In a land founded on beliefs of social and religious unity, the Saugus Iron Works represented what would become one of the greatest features of our country; diversity. Work at the iron works brought together people of all skill levels, ages, backgrounds, classes, and ethnicities striving toward a common goal.

There are many stories that can be told through the workers who spent years laboring in the intense heat of the forge, or endlessly cutting trees for charcoal. There are stories that can be told of the townspeople who were forced to accept outsiders into their tight religious community. And still, there are stories of the Native Americans who welcomed iron into their culture, changing their way of life forever.

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Did You Know?

House Door Knocker

To help understand the exact age of the Iron Works House the National Park Service recruited the help of dendrochronologists. These scientists drilled out small sections of the framing of the house. By looking at the width and pattern of the trees growth rings and comparing it to other trees of the time it is now believed that the house was built around 1688 or 1689.