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Become A Junior Ranger

Greetings Junior Rangers,

Welcome to the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site!

You’re about to embark on a very important mission: to become a Junior Ranger! Junior Rangers are very important to our National Parks. As a Junior Ranger you can help park rangers with their jobs. Park rangers at Saugus Iron Works are responsible for the entire park. They’re responsible for natural resources like the trees, the river, wildlife, fish and wetlands; and they’re responsible for cultural resources like the artifacts, the reconstructed industrial site, and the Iron Works House. Park Rangers are also responsible for the people who visit the park – like you and your family.

A Junior Ranger has to learn about Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, share this knowledge with other people, and teach others how and why we should care for our special historic places. As a Junior Ranger who cares about the Iron Works one of your most important jobs is to help preserve it for the future.

In this Junior Ranger Activity Guide you will find activities and information that will help you understand more about the park, its history, and the cultural and natural resources we preserve and protect. Your training will include a variety of activities. You can choose which ones you would like to complete and the order in which you would like to complete them. When you have completed the activities for your age group, show your guide to a Ranger at theVisitor Center. There you will recite the Junior Ranger Pledge, sign your Junior Ranger Certificate, and receive your official Junior Ranger Badge. You’ll be able to take everything home with you so you may share your Saugus Iron Works experience with your family and friends.

Have Fun!

Junior Ranger Activity Pages

Did You Know?

Painting by Don Trianti depicts the first National Guard muster that took place in late 1636/7. Civilian soldiers are in formation dressed in buff coats, helmets, and bandoliers. They drill with their muskets with smoke coming from the chimneys of their thatched-roof houses in the background.

On Thursday, January 10, 2013 President Obama signed into law HR1339 which designates Salem, Massachusetts as the birthplace of the National Guard. Future ironworks founder John Winthrop, Jr. was commissioned as Lieutenant Colonel of the East Regiment on March 9, 1636/7. The East Regiment included the communities of Salem, Saugus (changed to Lynn later in 1637), Ipswich, and Newbury.