• 1905 Photograph of Sagamore Hill

    Sagamore Hill

    National Historic Site New York

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  • Theodore Roosevelt's Home will remain closed until the rehabilitation project is completed.

    Theodore Roosevelt's Home will remain closed until the rehabilitation project is completed. The Visitor Center, Theodore Roosevelt Museum, and the park grounds are open. More »


The Sagamore Hill brochure provides a great deal of information on Theodore Roosevelt and his Oyster Bay home in a concise format. Site Bulletins provide information about nearby historical areas with a strong connection to Theodore Roosevelt.

Clicking the links below will download the each brochure or bulletin in in Adobe Acrobat format. To get Adobe Acrobat go here.


The Sagamore Hill brochure in English.

The brochure is also available in the following foreign language translations:

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Site Bulletins

Old Orchard

Theodore Roosevelt's Oyster Bay

Youngs Memorial Cemetery and the Roosevelt Family

Each brochure and site bulletin is available in hard copy at the Sagamore Hill Visitor Center, or by mail upon request. Please call 516-922-4788 to make your request.

Did You Know?


Alice Lee and Theodore Roosevelt were married on his 22 nd birthday, October 27, 1880. They took their honeymoon in Europe the following summer, where Roosevelt included climbing Switzerland’s most famous Alpine peak—the Matterhorn, almost 15,000 feet tall—in his adventures.