• Theodore Roosevelt's Desk

    Sagamore Hill

    National Historic Site New York


Red Tail Hawk on the Sagamore Hill Nature Trail

Red Tailed Hawk on the Sagamore Hill Nature Trail


The only “charismatic mega-fauna” (lions, tigers and bears...) found at Sagamore Hill are the hunting trophies hanging in the hallway of Theodore Roosevelt's home. The park’s animals generally consist of a range of urban-tolerant species, but some - including spotted salamanders and box turtles - are locally uncommon and generally are not known to persist well in developed landscapes. Sagamore Hill also hosts at least twenty-one species of dragonflies and damselflies, including the rare Comet Darner.

Birds were a particular interest of Roosevelt and were a common subject of his writings. A recent survey found more than a hundred species of birds utilizing the fields, forests, beaches, and marshes at Sagamore Hill, including 26 confirmed breeding species and an additional 24 probable breeding species.

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