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  • Tucson Mountain District Roads Closed Due to Flash Flooding

    Several interior roads, including the scenic loop, are closed in Tucson Mountain District (west) due to severe storms and flash flooding on August 26th. Roads will remain closed until further notice. Check the park's facebook page for updated information More »

Where Can I Ride?

Biking the Rincon Mountain District (East)

On the east district, bicycles are permitted on the 8 mile Cactus Forest Loop road, the 2.5 mile Cactus Forest Trail and our newest trail, the 2.8 mile Hope Camp Trail.

*Hope Camp Trail* NEW - a 2.8 mile long trail that originates at the Camino Loma Alta Trail head, and travels east through the southwestern Portion of the Park's Rincon Mountain District (east) to the park's boundary approximately .2 miles south of Hope Camp. Beyond Hope Camp, the trail connects the Arizona Trail and continues south into the Rincon Valley. It is expected that the Hope Camp Trail will complete a popular bicycle loop on the east side of Tucson. (The Arizona Trail, via the Quilter Trail, into National Park Service Wilderness is not open to bicycles.)

Cactus Forest Trail - from the north side of the two-way portion of the road, past the Lime Falls/Lime Kiln area to the junction with the one-way portion of the Cactus Forest Loop road again.

Cactus Forest Loop Road - a scenic route through the lower elevations of the Rincon Mountain District of the park. It is 8 miles in length and is paved, except for the spur road to Mica View Picnic Area.

This road is open to all vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles.

The Cactus Forest Loop Drive is narrow with many tight turns and steep hills. Maintain a safe speed for road conditions and your own riding experience or at least the least experienced rider in your group. Be sure to slow down before curves and hills.

Use extra caution on the steep hill at the beginning of the one-way on the loop as there is a sharp right turn at the bottom.

Biking the Tucson Mountain District (West)

The Bajada Loop Drive is a scenic route through the lower elevations of the Tucson Mountain District of the park. It is 6 miles in length and is gravel, except for a small section along Kinney and Sandario Roads.

These roads are open to all vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.

The Bajada Loop Drive is gravel throughout most of its length. Bicycling is only permitted on the roads; all trails in this district are closed to biking. However, trails in the adjacent Tucson Mountain Park are open to biking. Link to the Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee for information.


Click here to link to a Tucson Bike Map.

Did You Know?

Gila Monster

Gila monsters are one of two venomous lizards in the world. The other is the similar Mexican beaded lizard. Gila monster venom evolved as a defensive rather than offensive weapon.