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  • Rincon Mountain District Backcountry Closures Due to Wildland Fire Activity

    Due to fire activity and for the safety of hikers and campers, some trail and campground closures have been enacted. All off-trail areas within Saguaro National Park east of Douglas Spring Trail and Manning Camp Trails are also closed. More »

Things To Know Before You Come

There are many things to see and do during your visit. The links below will provide you with information to help prepare for your trip to Saguaro National Park.

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Bicycling At Saguaro National Park

Hiking at Saguaro National Park

Camping in the Tucson Area


New Carrillo Trail Opens on February 19, 2014


The new trail section is .7 miles long and is located east of the damaged trail section.

The new Carrillo Trail is 0.7 miles long and replaces approximately 0.9 miles of the heavily damaged Carrillo Trail section between the Douglas Spring Trail and Three Tank.

This change was necessary to prevent further damage along the old Carrillo route which suffered from deep rutting as a result of water runoff being caught in the trail and cutting down the trail.

The new trail gains approximately 70 feet in elevation, as opposed to the 15% grade in some areas of the previous trail, creating a safer and more easily maintainable trail for hikers and horses.

The old section of the Carrillo Trail will be closed and rehabilitated to prevent further damage to the area once the new section is open.
Carrillo before
The old Carrillo Trail became a drainage for water in wet weather due to its steep slope and lack of switchbacks and waterbars to drain the water away. 

These deep ruts were difficult to hike in and dangerous for horses.

Did You Know?


The average life span of a saguaro cactus is 150 years, but some plants may live more than 200 years. A 20 foot tall saguaro weighs approximately 1 ton (2000 pounds).