Plan A Field Trip

Park service rangers & volunteer naturalists stand with students on a trail.

NPS photo

A field trip to Saguaro National Park can add a new dimension to your classroom studies and reinforce what you are teaching your students.

As a teacher, you are also welcome to utilize the park for Self-guided field trips which are available year-round or watch the Saguaro National Park Electronic Field Trip On Demand and use the associated lesson plans which are designed to be hands-on and adaptable for 4th through 8th grade.

We encourage teachers and students to get in touch with their environment by exploring the plants and animals of their desert home here at Saguaro National Park.

Fee waivers can be obtained by completing the Fee Waiver Request Application form and submitting it to the park at least 2 weeks in advance.

Naturalist-Led Field Trips:
Rincon Mountain District (East)
Tucson Mountain District (West)

To register for a naturalist-led field trip, complete the registration form.

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