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  • Tucson Mountain District Roads Closed Due to Flash Flooding

    Several interior roads, including the scenic loop, are closed in Tucson Mountain District (west) due to severe storms and flash flooding on August 26th. Roads will remain closed until further notice. Check the park's facebook page for updated information More »

Saguaro National Park Teacher Guide

Saguaro National Park's Teacher's Guide is divided into three major sections:

  • an introduction with background information
  • a Student Journal section and the
  • Activity Units section.

To access any part of the guide, simply click on the links below and print.
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~Teacher's Guide~

Student Journal Cover Page
Student Journal
Teacher's Guide Cover Page
Teacher's Guide Covers and Inside Front Cover
Unit 1 - What Is a Desert
Unit 2 - Neighbors in the Desert
Unit 3 - Other Desert Dwellers
Unit 3a - Desert Dweller Cards
Unit 4 - Adapting to Desert Living
Unit 5 - Stories from the Desert People
Unit 6 - Wisdom of the Elders
Unit 7 - Math in Desert Design
Unit 8 - Water in the Desert
Unit 9 - Sonoran Desert Time Line

Did You Know?

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Six species of rattlesnakes call the Tucson area their home. They are the Western Diamondback, Tiger, Northern Black-tailed, Mojave, Sidewinder and Arizona Black Rattlesnakes.