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    National Historic Site New Hampshire


Museum Shop at the Visitor Center

The Eastern National Museum Shop in the Visitor Center

The Visitor Center houses a well equipped Eastern National Museum Shop where visitors can find:

• Books and videos on the life and work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
• Books and music about the “Cornish Art Colony” and local history
• Rare and out-of-print books on Augustus Saint-Gaudens
• Books, supplies and kits about sculpture, gilding and watercolor painting
• Postcards of the park and sculptures by Saint-Gaudens
• Pins and magnets
• Posters
• Tee shirts with the $20 Gold Piece
• Children’s reading and activity books
• Books about the region’s natural history

For more information, or to order items, contact the museum shop at (603) 675-2175 x106, or go to the Eastern National web site: http://www.eparks.com/store

Eastern National provides quality products and services to America’s National Parks.

Did You Know?

President Woodrwo Wilson had the summer white house in Cornish, N.H. for three years during his presidency.

President Woodrow Wilson became a part of the "Cornish Art Colony" when he established the summer White House in Cornish, N.H. for three years during his administration (1913,14,15). His first wife, Ellen Axson Wilson, was a painter.